High School Bullying

By Banded Peak School
Bragg Creek, Alberta

In the spring of 1999, one week after two students went on a deadly rampage at a high school in Colorado, a similar attack struck Taber, Alberta Canada.

A 14-year-old boy opened fire inside W. R. Myers High School. One student was killed, another was wounded.

Within hours after the shooting, stories began to emerge of the relentless bullying the accused had previously endured.

I*LEARN-Canada has established a website - in an attempt to help young people help each other.

The students who have helped develop the project wanted to use the power of the Internet to let their peers know that young people dealing with the issues of bullying and teasing "Are NOT alone. That being bullied and teased is NOT their fault and that they CAN do something about it!" is a project for kids by kids. Youth can contribute their personal reflections, poems, music, drawings, photographs, and even films.

If you are an adult working with kids, a school, a school board or other organization that has already developed resources, programs and expertise about the issues relating to bullying and teasing, contact I*Learn-Canada so that they can list this your information to let others know where they can go for help or support on their "Help" page.

Please share this site with others whom you think will benefit from it.

The site is only just beginning, but I*LEARN-Canada anticipates it growing VERY rapidly
as the issue is so universal, so pervasive and the needs are so great.