April and May heat up!

By Jordan Mac Niven
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, ON

Wrestlemania was a great event, and now Backlash is setting up to be another great event too. After his great win at Wrestlemania, Triple H "The Game" is looking to defend his gold again. Backlash will be held on April 30th in Washington DC at the MCI Centre.


HHH (Paul LeVesque) is on a huge roll as the WWF Heavyweight Champion. The Game has held the gold for a solid four months ever since he beat the Big Show in early December. Since then he has faced many adversities along the way. At "Armageddon" he faced Vince McMahon in a no DQ no count-out match. The next month at the "Royal Rumble" he faced Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) in another no holds barred, no DQ, no count out match. Probably the most memorable match of Triple H's career, was the infamous "Hell in the Cell" at "No Way Out" in February. This was the career match for both individuals. Cactus was retired that night but he came back for one last dance with The Game at "Wrestlemania" along with The Rock and the Big Show. Triple H beat the three of them with some help from Vince McMahon, and now at Backlash it will be Triple H vs. The Rock (Duane Johnson).