Make Love, Not War - reliving the seventies on tv

By Amanda S.
St. Stephen High School
St. Stephen, New Brunswick

"Make Love, Not War" was a favorite line of hippies in the 60's and 70's, and it seems to be the motto of a sitcom titled "That 70's Show".

I have just recently watched this sitcom for the first time and found it hilarious. I would say it's a show that every teen should watch at least once. I did and now I'm hooked. It's only a half an hour show and I laughed at least 15-20 times, which in my opinion makes for a good show.


The cast of That '70s Show

The sitcom mainly involves a group of six friends; Eric, Donna, Jackie, (Micheal)Kelso, Fez, and (Stephen) Hide. Eric has an older sister, Lori, who seems somewhat floozy. Donna is Eric's girlfriend; Jackie and Kelso are dating; Fez is an extremely feminine foreign exchange student; and Hide is a carefree hippie guy.

In the particular episode I watched, Eric and Donna slept together for the first time and that's what the show was mainly about.

In my opinion, the show is a must-see for teens. It's hilarious, it relates to us, and Kelso is really good-looking.