September 2002
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Why must we go through it again?
By Nira Diamant,SNN Editor, Tec-Voc School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

It has been just over a year since the attack on the World Trade Center. A memory in history we will never forget and hope to never relive. For those who lost loved ones and were grieving then, are grieving again remembering the day when the World Trade Center collapsed in New York City. The day when hijackers flew two planes into the Twin Towers. That horrible day is still vivid in my mind as if it was yesterday.

If I asked you where you were when the attack on the World Trade Center took place you would know. As one friend said, "It was a normal day. I went into my shop classroom and looked at the T.V. When I saw the image of the twin towers on fire, I remember being in such terror."

It was a tragedy that brought the world closer together in sorrow. A tragedy that sent us a message, ‘live life to the fullest'. In other words, don't take life for granted. Focus on the present not the past nor the future because who knows what life could bring tomorrow.

September 11th, 2002 was the 1st anniversary of the attack. People who lost loved ones in the attack are reliving the memories and tragedy showing us how valuable life is and how it's better to make peace then make enemies.

Every channel covered the anniversary of the attack. From replay after replay of the planes going into the World Trade Center to hearing stories of survivors from the attack. We all remember the impact it had on us. Especially those directly affected by the disaster. Those who lost loved ones faced a relieving of their emotions through media images.

But was the coverage overkill? Some say no, others say yes. As one girl said, ‘The media over covered the story, it no longer was a news story. They made it seem like a movie'.

The media made it seem like a movie with two to three hour news specials on all the channels. If you wanted to get away from watching the news coverage that day you would have to turn off your T.V. Weren't the ceremonies in Canada, the U.S and elsewhere enough? Was there a need for such massive coverage? It is obviously an individual choice.

In the world today peace is major global issue. It's a big factor not just in the U.S but also all over the world. How can we make peace if all the sides aren't willing to work together to make a compromise? Countries around the world and their citizens must realize it is a time to be there for each other so we can all help fight terrorism. If people really want to fight terrorism and bring about global peace then now is a good time to step in.

I hear people at my school say, nothing like the attack on the world trade center will happen in Winnipeg . When I overhear people say that, it makes me want to jump into the conversation and say thousands of innocent people in New York never imagined dying the way that they did, that never stopped anything from happening.

We all witnessed what can happen if the world doesn't come together and make peace. If there is one thing the attacks taught us, it was wake up and face reality. Never say it won't happen to me because look what happened to thousands of innocent people.

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